Scott Lederer

Early-stage UX Design Leadership


2018–2021 · Street tree inventory tool design

Treetective is a web app that lets municipal and community foresters remotely inventory street trees. The work was funded by a USDA SBIR grant.

City view
Customers divide their geography into arbitrary survey areas, each assigned to an individual surveyor
Survey area
The survey area map indicates known trees and surveyed/unsurveyed locations
Step one of the tree inventory flow
Surveying a location begins by clicking a tree in the panorama viewport
Step two of the tree inventory flow
Clicking the same tree in an adjacent panorama viewport then triangulates its location
Step three of the tree inventory flow
The surveyor then fills in genus and other observable characteristics
Step four of the tree inventory flow
Onscreen calipers make measuring diameter a breeze
Step five of the tree inventory flow
And canopy size as well
Location done
Once a location is surveyed, its trees can still be edited
A screen from the admin site
Admins can customize their installation to regional patterns, including genus and species