Scott Lederer

Projects from over the years

2023 Todos + Notes

Concept, design, and development of Totes, a web app exploring the relationship between notes and todos.

2022–2023 AI-powered Data Storytelling

Product design team leadership at Capitol AI, an early-stage AI-powered data storytelling venture. I provided concepts, workflows, and design direction for AI chat, collaborative docs, data analysis, and visualization.

2020–Ongoing React Showtime

Concept and development of React Showtime, a JavaScript library that makes it easy to animate the appearance and disappearance of elements via CSS transitions.

2016–2022 Civic & Environmental Impact

A selection of client & research projects while at Azavea, a mission-driven geospatial software shop.

2011–2016 Startups & Freelance

Enigmatic takes from a few years working with startups and such.

2008–2014 Google Maps

I designed the local search experience on Google Maps for a number of years back in the day.

Earlier & Miscellaneous

Nostalgic deep cuts I can't bring myself to jettison.