Scott Lederer

Early-stage UX Design Leadership

NYC Parks Tree Service

2018–2019 · City tree maintanence design

I designed an Android tablet app for professional foresters to manage the lifecycle of street tree service requests, including asset management, inspections, and work orders.

Zoomed in map
Foresters can see nearby trees, stumps, planting sites, service requests, inspections, and work orders
Zoomed out map
Categorical icons become color-coded markers when zoomed out
Layer toggles
Each record type can be toggled in the map view
Zoomed in map
Search works across record types, though results are tabbed so users can zero in on the record they need
Service request details
Service requests and other records are rife with structured and unstructured data
Service request's associated tree
Each service request is linked to at least one tree or planting site
Service request's assocated trees and other records
Multiple trees, inspections, and work orders may be associated with a single service request
Planting site details
Each tree has an associated planting site
Tree details
Tree details, including trees formerly at that planting site
Work order records
The tree, service request, and inspection associated with a work order