Scott Lederer

Early-stage UX Design Leadership

Google Maps

2008–2011 · Desktop local search design

I designed much of the desktop Local Search experience on Maps during 3½ years at Google. Major contributions include: local search use cases, designs for business and geographic Place Pages, search results, info bubbles, and reviews. My work there culminated in an overhaul of the search experience for The New Google Maps (2013).

I also redesigned the rating stars system across all Google properties.

Many items below are conceptual or formative. I always like the things that didn't launch more than those that did.

Infobubbles FTW
The infobubble, since retired
Best ever, ever
The “Best ever” rating — a sort of sixth star
Accolades concept
Concept for championing places within categories and localities
City page concept
City place page concept
Bluesky place page concept
Business place page concept
Local result format concept
Local search results concept
Patented prefinements
Local search results concept
Disambiguation via map folding concept
Did you mean Taj Mahal NYC or Taj Mahal India?
GStar concept
All your stars togethers — Concept