Scott Lederer

Early-stage UX Design Leadership


2013 · Picture frame, app, service · Unreleased

Homescreen was a connected picture frame network I co-created to bring photos out of the phone and into the home. We hacked, 3D-printed, and assembled a dozen Android-based hardware prototypes and deployed them into our extended families’ homes. I designed and built the device's display app and an iPhone app for capturing and sharing photos within the private Homescreen network.

The Homescreen picture frame
The Homescreen picture frame
Powered by Android
Powered by a Nexus 7 Android tablet
Mobile splash screen
Mobile app launch screen
Mobile app
The mobile app doubled as a classic photosharing app
Visual status
Exploring photosharing as visual status
Capture flow
Capture and edit
Source picker
Adding photos to a Homescreen device
The vision included larger screens
Concept for managing a larger display device
TV screensaver concept
TV screensaver concept
Wall screen paper prototype
Paper prototype of a wall display
Brand exploration