Scott Lederer

Early-stage UX Design Leadership

ASTA Accessible Wayfinding

2019–2020 · Accessible sidewalk wayfinding & hazard reporting design

I designed and prototyped ASTA (Accessible and Sustainable Transportation Application), a community-powered service to help people with disabilities find accessible routes through a city. The mobile web app was optimized for hazard-aware sidewalk and transit routing, and reporting hazards and assets. The companion desktop site was designed for public transparency and community-organized reporting events. The work was funded by a HHS SBIR grant.

Home page
The heart of ASTA is a mobile web app for sidewalk & transit wayfinding and hazard reporting
Map page
Map view indicates known hazards
Hazard detail
Hazard data include implications for passage and optional comments, photos, and upvotes
Directions list
Hazard-aware directions
Classifying a hazard
Reporting a hazard or asset begins with specifiying its type
Pan to precisely locate the hazard
Pan the map to precisely locate the hazard or asset
Adding a curb ramp
Highlighting a sidewalk/crosswalk join without a curb ramp implies the goal is to add a curb ramp
Edit a curb ramp
Whereas highlighting a known curb ramp implies the goal is to provide information about it
Reporting curb ramp status
Reporting a curb ramp's status
Reporting a curb ramp's navigability
Assessing who might be able to navigate a given curb ramp
Adding a comment and photo of a curb ramp
Comments & photos help others understand whether a hazard or asset is navigable for them